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The Life Expectancy for Stage 4 Lung Cancer

The life expectancy for stage 4 lung cancer is very low. The condition of the disease is no longer curable and the malignant cancer cells have spread beyond the lungs and affected the liver, brain and the bones. The spread of cancer to these organs can damage it and can result to our death.
Patients with stage 4 lung cancer usually last at least 5 to 8 months and the longest is 12 months or one year. However, it is not the same for all of the patients because their conditions vary from one another. It is based upon the general health condition of the patient and whether they are suffering from other illness aside from lung cancer. Other complications can worsen the situation of the patient and increases the chances of the patient to die soon. Statistics are only numbers but it provides an idea on how deadly and dangerous smoking is.

What is Lung Cancer Survival Rate?

If someone goes to a doctor then diagnosed with a killer disease lung cancer, patient commonly asked for the outcome or the possibility of its survival. Your Doctor can’t predict the prognosis of your disease, they can only estimate the possible outcome of your disease based on previous experiences from other lung cancer patient. Actually survival rate for lung cancer are very poor compare to breast, and prostate cancer.

Lung cancer survival rate or survival statistics tells the percentage of people who survived lung cancer in a specific period of time. A lung cancer statistics often use an overall five year survival rate. Lung cancer survival rate are based on research conducted around the world. These include people from all ages, men and women, who have been diagnosed of lung cancer and survived.

Survival rate are also based on certain factors like the general health of a patient, for each patient responds to treatments differently. Patient who are able to cope with its treatment e…

Breastfeeding: Top Accessories To Help You

There is nothing that demonstrates the bond between mother and baby more than the closeness and intimacy of breastfeeding. Breastmilk is also the perfect nourishment for baby and provides many health benefits for both you and baby.
There are now many breastfeeding accessories and aids on the market that can help and assist you during this special time. These products can assist mothers who may be experiencing feeding difficulties, going back to work, or just mums who need the occasional night out:
# Breast Pump
A breast pump may be used for many different reasons. It can assist in helping mum’s to continue breastfeeding after they go back to work, stimulate lactation in cases of low milk supply, assist mum’s to breastfeed premature infant, relieve engorgement, or simply allow mum to store up some breastmilk to have a night out once in awhile.
With the amount of breast pumps offered on the market, it might be a challenge to choose between all the brands and features available. Whatever…

Best Cure For Sickness With Pregnancy

Best Cure For Sickness With Pregnancy
It’s destined to occur – once you get pregnant, you manage to catch the worst nausea you have had in years. The biggest problem is that now, because of your growing child, you’re unable to rush off to the pharmacy and toss back just any old medication that helps you to feel better. Now, you must carefully see your options and consult with a doctor or pharmacist before taking anything.

Many women attempt to avoid medication as much as possible during pregnancy, believing that holding the body as pure as possible will result in the healthiest outcomes for kid. If this is the route you’ve opted for, you’ll find that there are numerous options with which to treat your cold symptoms, without taking any medication at all.

Meanwhile, the most crucial things you can do to recover your health are the easiest. Rest and drink lots of fluids. You already are drinking lots of fluids? Drink more! While you have likely raised your water intake to assist infant g…

Your Pregnancy Care Should Include A Nutritious Diet

Mothers-to-be have many questions about their pregnancy. When it comes to nutrition, the information can get confusing. We know that a diet containing essential nutrients is vital to the development of the child as well as the recovery and well-being of the mother. Choosing foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is an important first step to ensuring a healthy pregnancy.
Following a healthy pregnancy diet will help the mom-to-be avoid or alleviate complications such as morning sickness, fatigue, anemia, and constipation. Your healthy diet must continue after the baby is born in order for both you and the baby to remain healthy, and for the baby to develop a strong body and mind. The following tips will help you sort through what you’ve been hearing and get started on a healthy pregnancy.
A diet during pregnancy should include plenty of complex and unrefined carbohydrates. This includes brown rice, whole grains, fresh vegetables, dried beans, split peas, and len…

Vitamins For Your Brain Mandatory Consumption

Nerves in the brain get energy from vitamins contained in the food we consume daily. Knowing the kinds of vitamins is important because the brain is the body that is the control center of the behavior, intelligence, mind, senses, and movement of the human body.
Vitamins for the brain is very useful for brain development of children and improve the ability of the adult brain, without vitamin as fuel is important, the brain can not work properly. For the adult brain, vitamin helps maintain memory, increase alertness, to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or a variety of other brain disorders.
For children, especially fetuses and infants, vitamin is an essential nutrient that must be met at the golden period of growth. This period starts from the first months of the fetus are formed in the womb, until completely ended when a child enters puberty, at the age of 9-15 years. Vitamins and other nutritional deficiency in this period can affect brain development, intelligenc…

How to Overcome Phobia Altitude

Phobia of heights, also called akrophobia, an excessive fear of heights. The fear experienced by patients with a height phobia can trigger excessive anxiety, panic, stress and several other symptoms.
A person suffering from a phobia altitude would normally avoid activities that are related to the high places, as the patient will show reactions that are unnatural while in altitude.
While in a high-rise building, across a bridge, looking out the windows of skyscrapers, or just sit on the bench stage, an altitude phobia sufferer can feel fear, anxiety, and panic uncontrolled. Other reactions can also appear, among others: Physical sensations such as increased heart rate, vertigo, dizziness, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, unconscious.Just by imagining it, phobia sufferers may feel fear and anxiety. In fact, some will have a panic attack.Someone who has a phobia actually realize that the fear he felt was not fair, but they still can not drown out the fear.( Recommended Post : Vitami…

Cassava Benefits For Health And Other Facts

Rice is identical as the staple food of Indonesian citizens. But today, healthy living actors began to leave white rice for health reasons. In addition to potatoes and yams, cassava can also be a selection of rice meal replacement. So what exactly are the benefits of cassava for our health? Let's consider the following reviews.
Cassava is a shrub of the family Euphorbiaceae and has an important role as a source of staple food for most of the world population, particularly countries in the tropical region of South America, Africa, and Asia. More than two-thirds of the total production of the plant is used as food for humans.
Ingredients Are in Cassava
Cassava for health benefits can be traced from the nutrient content contained therein. Cassava plays an important role as a staple for high carbohydrate content. Cassava is also reported to contain several bioactive compounds. Bioactive compounds itself is a chemical compound that is believed to improve the health of the human body, in…

This Characteristics Overcoming Addiction Gadget and Tips

Addiction to gadgets already affects almost everyone. Someone holding a gadget on every occasion has become a common sight. Whether someone has just awakened from sleep, was driving, running, or even in moments that should only be spent with family.
With the gadget, that person's activities become easier. Many matters can be solved only with the object named smartphone. But unfortunately on the other hand, one thing that is actually at risk of harm. Because in fact, many people use it at times when she requires your full attention, such as when operating a vehicle. As a result, the accident occurred. Ironic, is not it?
Nomophobia, One of the characteristics of addiction Gadget
There is a term called nomophobia (no mobile phobia), which concerns the everyday activities without involving smartphones. You can measure your level of addiction to gadgets by answering the following questions. If the answer is more "yes", then you can be said to be addicted to gadgets.
( Recommend…

Benefits of Laughter Very Good For Heart Health, Mental And Physical

Laughter is believed to be a panacea to restore the spirit and makes a person more healthy. Benefits laugh so much, among others, were able to stabilize blood circulation and blood sugar, improve the immune system, relax the mind and relieve stress.
"Laugh before laughing is prohibited." Although this is just a phrase tickle of a movie, but did you know that when a person laughs, then she will undergo marked changes in body function merenggangnya the muscles of the face and body. Simultaneously the heart rate and blood pressure increases. Then, breathing faster and faster so that the supply of oxygen delivered to the tissues more.
Laughter Benefits for Heart Health, Mental and Physical Laughter was not the only activity is encouraging, but also healthy. Benefits laughed quality was quite spacious, namely to protect themselves from emotional problems caused by depression and long-term stress. Heart health is believed to be always awake when someone laughs. Experts believe that…
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