People Can Die Of A Broken Heart

Title : People Can Die Of A Broken Heart
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People Can Die Of A Broken Heart

People can die of a broken heart

The death of a loved one can trigger atrial fibrillation (AF), or irregular heartbeat, can be potentially life-threatening, according to a recent study.

Researchers from the University of Denmark released data very surprising based on their study of 88 162 patients diagnosed with AF in 1995 and 2014 and the risk of heart beat (palpitations). Among the patients, 17 478 people have lost their significant others.

Risks that are generally peak during the "8-14 days after losing people in love, then gradually decline," A study published in the online journal Open Heart.

"One year after the loss, the risk was almost the same as in the non-bereaved population," the study added.

Based on their findings, the researchers further observe the phenomenon of people died soon after the death of their spouses. The grieving couple has a higher risk of dying, especially heart disease and stroke, the study revealed.

The group, 88 612 people have been newly diagnosed with AF, while 86 120 is considered healthy.

"The risk of developing an irregular heartbeat for the first time is 41% higher among those who are bereaved than among those who did not experience a loss like that," said the researchers, led by Simon Graff from Aarhus University.

Those under the age of 60 who lost loved ones suddenly found twice as likely to develop such problems, while those who are the relatively healthy partner in the month before death, which is 57 percent higher risk.

"The event was very stressful lives lost a spouse followed by a transiently increased risk of atrial fibrillation lasts for one year, especially for the most predictable loss," the researchers concluded, adding that the unexpected death causes more pain.

The team, however, cautioned that no conclusions could be drawn about the cause and effect, as the study was only observational one, comparing the correlation in the data.

Factors such as diet varied group of bereaved, exercise regime, and predisposal for AF are not covered by the study.

Apart from being a target AF, grieving loved ones may also experience symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression, which can cause loss of sleep and appetite, alcohol dependence and lack of appetite for exercise, all the known health risks.

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