Benefits of Green Coffee Diet This Fact

Title : Benefits of Green Coffee Diet This Fact
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Benefits of Green Coffee Diet This Fact

Benefits of Green Coffee Diet, this fact

The benefits of drinking coffee is still a long debate today. However, now comes a controversy about the benefits of green coffee is touted to lose weight.

Popularity increased after the benefits of green coffee touted to burn fat fast, without changing diet or exercise.

A Not Proven Effective

The definition of green coffee beans that are not roasted or processed. The coffee beans that still have high levels of chlorogenic acid was higher, so it is considered may affect metabolism and blood sugar levels which can then help the diet.

Generally, to obtain the benefits of green coffee for diet, done by consuming green coffee extract in pill form. Every day, the recommended dosage is about 60-185 mg.

Early research on the consumption of green coffee extracts adult respondents who are obese. Regular consumption five times a day for 2-3 months. The result showed a weight loss more than simply consume coffee or a placebo.

However, a review of some of the clinical trials (randomized controlled trials) to 142 participants stated, the effect of green coffee consumption to diet is very small. The results of the reviews mention, the need to do further testing to determine the effectiveness and safety of green coffee to lose weight.

Green coffee for diet often packaged as a supplement or natural products. However, it does not mean safe. Another reason to remain cautious about the benefits of green coffee for diet is chlorogenic acid content in it is not enough scientific evidence obtained as a weight loss.

Risk of Side Effects

Until now, the side effects of green coffee is unknown because it has not done more extensive research. However, the risk of caffeine contained in green coffee generally may cause effects abdominal pain, more frequent urination, increased heart rate, restlessness, it was difficult to sleep.

In addition, consumption of caffeine in large doses can also cause headaches, ringing in the ears, nervous anxiety, tension, and irregular heartbeat.

Some of the conditions are not encouraged to consume green coffee as pregnant and lactating women, the levels of homocysteine in the blood are high, people with heart disease, bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and people with digestive disorders (irritable bowel syndrome). Diabetics should also be careful when taking green coffee because these products can change the body process sugar.

Although not classified as chemical drugs, but the use of green coffee supplements should still be observed. It is advisable to use a supplement that has received approval from the official health agency, on the basis of sufficient evidence of scientific research. Weight loss without changing diet or increase the time to exercise, to watch.

To obtain the ideal weight, apply a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. Do not get tempted product to lose weight quickly. Consult your doctor or nutritionist before taking supplements.

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