Vitamin A series Endurance Body Better

Title : Vitamin A series Endurance Body Better
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Vitamin A series Endurance Body Better

Vitamin A series Endurance Body Better

The immune system is designed to protect against attacks by disease-causing microorganisms. Unfortunately, on certain conditions, the immune system can not work properly. Moments like that, someone may need the vitamin to make the immune system more optimal.

The scientists since long assumed that people in their every day unable to meet their nutritional needs become more susceptible to disease.

Some studies on animals prove that micronation shortage will affect the immune system response. The micronutrients influence include zinc, selenium, iron, copper, and folic acid. While the vitamin group there are vitamins A, B6, C, and vitamin E.

Anything Role of Vitamin Endurance Body?

To optimize the immune system, it may take a healthy diet that comes from a varied diet. Rows of vitamin endurance can be seen in the explanation below.

Vitamin A

So far, we already know that vitamin A is an important compound for the human visual system. Apparently, vitamin A is also essential for the body's growth and development as well as maintenance support to ensure the integrity of the epithelial cells. In addition, its function is as a vitamin for the immune and reproductive. To get vitamin A, eat beef liver, sweet potatoes (with skin), and carrots.

Vitamin B

Vitamin endurance this one can be found in grains, peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, tuna, garlic, turkey and salmon. This vitamin plays an important role in the production of energy and manages stress levels. Most importantly, vitamin B serves to keep the person's immune system in order to remain in the best condition.

Vitamin C

The functions of these vitamins are important in maintaining the ability of the immune system healthy to protect the body from disease. Another function of vitamin C to the body is to keep the gums healthy and help heal wounds. White blood cell activity can be optimized with the help of vitamin C. In addition, this vitamin can increase levels of interferon, response and antibody levels, and thymus hormone secretion. All these are necessary components in the body's immune response.

Vitamin D

Laboratory studies show that vitamin D plays a role in triggering and strengthening the immune system. This study helped found that vitamin D is a nutritional support increasingly primed T cells and help fight infection. T cells are a subtype of white blood cells that support optimal immune.

On the other hand, the study showed that those who had vitamin D deficiency were more susceptible to infection. In addition to sunbathing, the fulfillment of vitamin D can also be done by eating oily fish, eggs, cereal, vitamin D-fortified margarine, and a special supplement.

Vitamin E

Vitamin endurance is just as important is vitamin E. This vitamin is one type of antioxidant. This vitamin plays an important role in protecting the thymus gland as the producer of the T cells The role of T cells, in this case, is the disease while keeping the circulation of white blood cells safe from damage. The existence of vitamin E is important for the immune system, especially when the body is under attack chronic viral diseases as well as disorders caused by oxidative stress. Nuts and raw seeds, such as sunflower seeds, almonds, and peanuts are a good source of vitamin E.

In order for vitamin, endurance can be met if someone needs to take supplements? When experiencing malnutrition, supplements can be recommended option. But basically, taking supplements is not the solution preferred in normal conditions. The most important thing to do is live a healthy diet. But if a healthy diet can not be done, then the use of supplements may be possible. Consult your doctor about the use of supplements in order to get the desired results.

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