Caffeine Can Be Healthy

Title : Caffeine Can Be Healthy
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Caffeine Can Be Healthy

Caffeine Can Be Healthy

Do you include people who started with a cup of coffee? You are not alone. Many people who need caffeine-laden coffee as stimulant in the morning.

The reason coffee can make you excited about is the effect of caffeine to the brain. Not only as a stimulant, caffeine can also inhibit adenosine receptors. The impact it can make you more energetic and feel more energized.

However, caffeine is not only comes from coffee. A cup of tea or a piece of your favorite chocolate turns out to contain caffeine. Caffeine is also used in certain drugs.

But behind it, you want to know what are the benefits of caffeine and what health risks that can be caused?

The Positive Side Of Caffeine

A diverse range of research carried out to find out more about caffeine. As the two sides of the coin, caffeine has benefits and risks that can be posed. Here are some of the positive side of caffeine, among others:

Pressing risk of heart and diabetes

Consuming coffee with caffeine content that is not excessive, often associated with the ability to suppress the possibility of heart disease and diabetes. This is related to the content of klorogenat acids (chlorogenic acid) in the caffeine.

Improve memory and cognitive ability

Researchers concluded the participants consumed caffeine from coffee in the morning to have better grades on tests, compared that do not consume coffee. Mentioned also a coffee can improve cognitive ability decreases the natural progression of age.

Protect against Parkinson's disease

It is still associated with the performance of caffeine with adenosine receptors in the brain. Parts of the brain affected by the effects of Parkinson's disease, has many such receptors. With slow him down, caffeine seems to have a protective effect.

High antioxidant content

Tea contains caffeine, as well as high in antioxidants that can protect from diseases such as cancer. High in antioxidants may prevent conditions such as cancer of the colon and increases the burning sugar in the body.

Need to be particularly aware of caffeine
Caffeine can impact badly on health if consumed in excess.


Caffeine can cause sleeplessness. The sleep needs of adults about 7-8 hours a night. Lack of sleep, even in a little amount, can interfere with Your performance and readiness during the day. The cycle should be avoided is the habit of consuming caffeine to keep you awake throughout the day because thus can make it difficult to sleep at night.

Can cause osteoporosis

The caffeine in coffee can make the body excrete calcium through urine. If taken in excess, it can trigger osteopororis. The body loses about 5 mg of calcium each taking one coffee cup sized approximately 180 ml.

Trigger the wrinkle on the face

Although touted contain antioxidants, but excessive consumption can trigger the appearance of wrinkles on the face. It caused dehydration. Caffeine makes the body more discharge through the urine. When you consume caffeinated drinks, make sure you accompany the white water to maintain hydration in the body.

Disturbing sound quality

People who have disorders of the vocal cords, a singer, or featuring his voice, often prohibited from consuming caffeine. Although yet to be researched further, caffeine is considered able to worsen the quality of the sound.

The recommended intake of Caffeine

Each person has a reaction to caffeine. But it's good if you don't overdo it in the mengonsumsinya.
The content of caffeine in a cup of coffee depends on the type of coffee beans and how to process them. An average of one cup of coffee contains nearly 100 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, the caffeine in tea contains about half of the coffee. Three cups of coffee per day with a caffeine content of around 250 mg is the levels deemed sufficient. The intake of caffeine for pregnant women are advised not to exceed two cups of coffee per day.

Children also did not escape from the intake of caffeine, can be derived from tea or chocolate. Parents need to carefully observe the intake of caffeine on children so as not to cause excessive harmful effects.

Although caffeine can be beneficial, but excessive consumption thus can be injurious to health. Excessive Caffeine consumption to reach 500-600 mg, can cause muscle tremors, gastrointestinal disorders, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, insomnia, and so on.

So when you intend sipping coffee or tea specialties today, remember to always keep the doses in the range that are not excessive.

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