Herbal Medicine Kidney Stones, And Browse Also The Fact

Title : Herbal Medicine Kidney Stones, And Browse Also The Fact
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Herbal Medicine Kidney Stones, And Browse Also The Fact

Herbal medicine Kidney Stones, And Browse Also the fact

There are many plants that can be trusted is able to cope with kidney stones. But also do not be home for drinking, learned and meticulous advance whether herbal remedies kidney stones are actually proven to be effective in humans or no effect at all. And keep in mind, too, if the herbal medicine can not replace surgical procedures or medical treatments usual. Therefore, always consult with your doctor first if you want to eat an herbal remedy for kidney stones.

Kidney stones are formed due to buildup and hardening of mineral and acid salts in the kidneys. Kidney stones are more likely to form in the body of someone who is not drinking enough fluids, taking some types of medication, or have certain medical conditions.

If it is small, kidney stones can be wasted by itself through urine. However, it does not necessarily make you can relax alone. No matter how small, kidney stone disease requires monitoring, inspection, and maintenance. In addition to drinking water, supervised correctly whether kidney stones completely out through urine. You can try to filter urine and kidney stones small gathering with gauze or tights. After that, take it to the hospital to be analyzed in order to determine further treatment that may be required.

However, if the size is large, about 6-7 mm, kidney stones should be crushed by the method of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) which uses ultasound, ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), or open surgery in the hospital.

Actually, this kidney stone, including diseases that can be prevented. You do this by doing the following things:
  • Drinking enough water (about 2.5 liters) to clear colored urine. Able to shed water and mineral salts in the urine causes the formation of solid crystals or kidney stones.
  • Reduce foods or drinks that contain lots of salt and animal protein.
  • Reduce eating foods that could increase the risk of developing kidney stones such as soy and dairy products, chocolate, tea, beans, sweet potatoes, spinach, beets, or okra.
  • Just take calcium supplements if recommended by a doctor.
  • Reduce consumption of meat, poultry, and fish.
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However, please do not hesitate to seek medical help if you are a patient with kidney stones and experiencing various symptoms of kidney infection or urinary tract infection such as high fever with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, shaking, chills, pain that is unbearable, vomiting, urine does not out, and severe fatigue.
Now, in addition to modern medical techniques as above, many patients with kidney stones who also utilize traditional medicine (alternative). For example, by eating plants that are believed to break down kidney stones. Below are examples of materials that are considered to treat kidney stones. You should consult with your doctor before deciding to use one of the following ingredients.

Cat Whiskers

In Indonesia, the leaves cat whiskers very believed to cure ailments such as kidney stones. In fact to this day there is still no direct clinical trial of the man to prove the effectiveness of the cat's whiskers plant as an herbal remedy kidney stones. Therefore, it is also advisable not to consume the cat's whiskers before there is evidence of efficacy in humans. However, if you really want to try, talk to the doctor first.

Leaves Spoon

Terpenoid compounds from plant extracts of leaf spoon allegedly able to inhibit the formation and impact the size of the crystals of calcium oxalate. These crystals are the basic ingredients of kidney stones. Plantago major leaf spoon or suspected even better at inhibiting the formation and influence the crystal size, when compared to zyloric and potassium citrate. However, further research on the effectiveness of terpenoid compounds from plant extracts of leaf spoon in patients with kidney stones and direct clinical trials on humans remains to be done. Therefore, it is advised not to eat leaf spoon before there is no evidence of its effectiveness against kidney stone disease experienced by humans.


Plants promontory is believed to be an herbal remedy kidney stones. However, no study has proved the potential of the plant promontory to overcome kidney stones in humans.

Meniran Green or Support Child

Plant green meniran (Phyllanthus niruri) can be expected to reduce the particle size and aggregation of crystals kidney stones. Laboratory studies showed that extracts of this plant can reduce kidney stone formation hinggal 50%. But, it has never been tested in humans so it still requires further research.

Katumpangan Uler or Grass upas upas

Upas grass-upasan or katumpangan snakes are believed to be an herbal remedy kidney stones. In fact, there is no research that proves whether katumpangan these snakes can be applied to humans.

Trachyspermum ammi (Ajwain or ajowan)

Trachyspermum ammi usually used to relieve pain due to kidney stones and urinary tract stones. So far, the diuretic properties of this plant are believed to be used in a variety of formulations of drugs to treat kidney stones. However, further research on the impact in overcoming kidney stones or urinary tract stones still requires further research.

Lime Powder

According to the study, eating lime powder may be useful to reduce the potential for the formation of kidney stones. In addition, lime powder also thought to have antioxidant effects and is able to suppress the possibility of damage to the renal tubules.

But keep in mind, if the various herbal remedies kidney stones above still need proof, research, and further clinical trials. Herbal medicine was not intended to be a substitute for a recipe or treatment from a doctor. Therefore, if you feel the signs of kidney stones in the body, it is advisable to immediately see a doctor in order to obtain quick and precise handling.

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