How to Overcome Phobia Altitude

Title : How to Overcome Phobia Altitude
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How to Overcome Phobia Altitude

How to Overcome Phobia Altitude

Phobia of heights, also called akrophobia, an excessive fear of heights. The fear experienced by patients with a height phobia can trigger excessive anxiety, panic, stress and several other symptoms.

A person suffering from a phobia altitude would normally avoid activities that are related to the high places, as the patient will show reactions that are unnatural while in altitude.

While in a high-rise building, across a bridge, looking out the windows of skyscrapers, or just sit on the bench stage, an altitude phobia sufferer can feel fear, anxiety, and panic uncontrolled. Other reactions can also appear, among others:
  • Physical sensations such as increased heart rate, vertigo, dizziness, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, unconscious.
  • Just by imagining it, phobia sufferers may feel fear and anxiety. In fact, some will have a panic attack.
  • Someone who has a phobia actually realize that the fear he felt was not fair, but they still can not drown out the fear.

A child who has a phobia could be screaming and / or crying endlessly. Phobia conditions helped make a child not want to be separated from their parents.

How to Overcome Phobia Altitude

Fear, anxiety, and panic is clearly excessive can disrupt patient activity. For some people who experience a severe fright, activities such as installing light curtains, light cleaning, or washing the windows alone is sufficient cause fear.

Patients are encouraged to overcome the fear of redundant through:
Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral therapy with desensitization techniques may be an option to overcome the fear. This therapy involves exposing the patient under conditions that made him feel fear and anxiety in gradual doses. The patient is then directed to be more calm and be taught how to deal with these fears. Such therapy is considered effective to reduce anxiety when patients are in real conditions. 
Familiarize Yourself facing fears
After treatment, patients still have to train yourself to overcome fear when in a situation that makes anxiety related phobias suffered. 
Virtual therapy
This therapy uses computer technology to help visualize something that dreaded phobia sufferers through the creation of an environment that resembles reality. Several studies have shown, it is more effective to dampen and reduce the anxiety experienced by patients with phobia of heights. 
Use sedatives
There is no medicine that can cure phobias, but drugs anticemas at least able to make the phobia sufferers more calm in the face of anxiety. Even so, the use of drugs and advice anticemas require prior consultation of a doctor.
As altitude phobia can interfere with a person's daily activities, it is advisable to consult a doctor or psychiatrist to get treatment and guidance on handling phobia.

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