Not Just For Men, Women Excellent Oral Sex Also

Title : Not Just For Men, Women Excellent Oral Sex Also
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Not Just For Men, Women Excellent Oral Sex Also

Not Just For Men, Women Excellent Oral Sex Also

Do not mistake the oral sex is only for men. In fact, women can enjoy variations of this intimate relationship of a couple.

Oral sex is considered very unpleasant for most women. In fact, there are couples who each give oral sex simultaneously.

Helping Achieve Orgasm

This kind of sex can trigger arousal of sexual intercourse, as well as one of the effective ways to stimulate a woman. Even oral sex touted to help women reach orgasm. Oral sex is alleged to have positive benefits for women, which makes the body more fit and prevent depression. Initially oral sex for women is limited to kissing around the surface of the vagina or vulva, but now more and more the practice of oral sex until the clitoris. One thing to remember when giving oral sex, you should still apply safe sex. Therefore, oral sex can spread sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, and HIV. Variations in sexual relationships can also transmit hepatitis. In addition, cancer of the mouth and throat cancer is also known to be triggered by the activity of oral sex.

However, the activity of oral sex in monogamous pairs that do not have multiple sexual partners are considered to have a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections is lower. If still raised concerns about the risks of oral sex, you and your partner can use condoms or dental dams. A dental dam is a sheet of latex used by dentists.

Doing the Right

Although there is a myth that men are not comfortable giving oral sex to a woman, but in fact this variation could even satisfy both partners. Before performing oral sex to a woman, is recommended for mild foreplay, such as kissing lips, neck and other body parts. Do it without haste. Then, continue with kissing the stomach area and inner thighs before proceeding further to the genital area. If both partners are already starting to feel comfortable, move slowly to the outer part of the vagina, the vulva. Furthermore, oral sex can proceed to deeper areas, namely the clitoris.

But avoid excessive emphasis on the clitoris as part of this very sensitive. In this case, the tip of his tongue is the most important part to maximize sexual arousal in women. But it never hurts to vary the stimulation techniques using a finger as well. Vary the movement with the tongue, fingers and a light massage using the palm of the hand. Give a light massage on the inside of the thigh. Most women like to get oral sex accompanied by a light touch and caress on the body such as breasts, hands and feet.

During gives oral sex on a woman, noticed his expression and body language. If you are not sure, ask him if there is something he wants or whether he objected to the motion that is being done. Oral sex to a woman is not yet widely known in comparison to men. If done correctly, oral sex on a woman could be a variation of sexual fun and help achieve sexual satisfaction in marriage.

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