This Characteristics Overcoming Addiction Gadget and Tips

Title : This Characteristics Overcoming Addiction Gadget and Tips
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This Characteristics Overcoming Addiction Gadget and Tips

This Characteristics overcoming addiction Gadget And Tips

Addiction to gadgets already affects almost everyone. Someone holding a gadget on every occasion has become a common sight. Whether someone has just awakened from sleep, was driving, running, or even in moments that should only be spent with family.

With the gadget, that person's activities become easier. Many matters can be solved only with the object named smartphone. But unfortunately on the other hand, one thing that is actually at risk of harm. Because in fact, many people use it at times when she requires your full attention, such as when operating a vehicle. As a result, the accident occurred. Ironic, is not it?

Nomophobia, One of the characteristics of addiction Gadget

There is a term called nomophobia (no mobile phobia), which concerns the everyday activities without involving smartphones. You can measure your level of addiction to gadgets by answering the following questions. If the answer is more "yes", then you can be said to be addicted to gadgets.

  • Do you often feel uncomfortable if the gadget is not with you?
  • Do you object or reluctant if not holding the gadget, even if only for a moment?
  • Do you often use the gadget at mealtime?
  • Are you the occasional check the status of the gadgets in the middle of the night?
  • Are you more likely to interact with your gadgets rather than interact with others?
  • Do you spend a lot of time to make a nudge on Twitter, replying to the statuses on Facebook, or send e-mail using the gadget as a form of communication to another person?
  • Do you often play gadget when you know you should be doing something more productive?
  • Do you berkencenderungan to use gadgets, but at the same time being faced with busy work in the office?
From your answers to the questions above, try to find out the level of the self against the craving gadgets.

Gadget Addiction Side Effects
Anyone who has experienced a gadget addiction can have various side effects, no matter the age and profession. There are some side effects that may arise, for example:

Securities Decreased Organ Function

This condition is characterized by a direct impact on:
  • Eye, such as eye fatigue, quality of vision faded, and the strain on the eyes. In addition, the eyes may itch and heat.
  • Neck pain for too long at the screen of the gadget.
  • The accident occurred because of the declining power of concentration as a result of dividing attention to the gadget.
Psychological Effects, Including:

The main problem in this case is associated with reduced quality of sleep. One of them is experiencing insomnia as a result of using a mobile phone before going to bed. The psychological impact but it can be:
  • Because delaying bedtime due to spend a lot of time to use the phone, then there is increased sleep disturbance and fatigue.
  • Quality of sleep decreases because of the effects of exposure to bright light from a mobile phone.
Tips to Reduce Dependence on Gadgets
Here are tips that you can do to reduce the habit of using too many gadgets.
  • Do not use gadgets while walking, let alone operate a motor vehicle. This can endanger themselves and others. Prioritizing safety and forget gadget least that can be done is to stop the vehicle to see the news that appears on the gadget to anticipate any important news.
  • Set the time using the gadget, especially in terms of limiting the usage occasion. For example, the day after the work is completed (before lunch). Limit its use, for example, only a maximum of three hours.
  • Do not use the gadget when you're eating dinner together, at a family event, and during the holidays together. Prioritizing direct form of communication so that you and your family can enjoy togetherness and attachment.
  • Determine the free area Avoid use while in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.
The tips above can also be applied to your child is already a teenager or other family members.
Usually, people who are addicted to gadgets will find that more and more frequently, then the intensity of the desire to check out the gadgets become higher as well. Therefore, if you experience this kind of thing, it's good to discipline themselves and immediately reduce the habit of using too much of this electronic device. Another goal, in addition to in order to maintain health and safety.

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