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What is Lung Cancer Survival Rate?

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If someone goes to a doctor then diagnosed with a killer disease lung cancer, patient commonly asked for the outcome or the possibility of its survival. Your Doctor can’t predict the prognosis of your disease, they can only estimate the possible outcome of your disease based on previous experiences from other lung cancer patient. Actually survival rate for lung cancer are very poor compare to breast, and prostate cancer.

Lung cancer survival rate or survival statistics tells the percentage of people who survived lung cancer in a specific period of time. A lung cancer statistics often use an overall five year survival rate. Lung cancer survival rate are based on research conducted around the world. These include people from all ages, men and women, who have been diagnosed of lung cancer and survived.

Survival rate are also based on certain factors like the general health of a patient, for each patient responds to treatments differently. Patient who are able to cope with its treatment easily may have a high chance of survival than those who are too weak to undergone some treatments.


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