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Cassava Benefits For Health And Other Facts

Rice is identical as the staple food of Indonesian citizens. But today, healthy living actors began to leave white rice for health reasons. In addition to potatoes and yams, cassava can also be a selection of rice meal replacement. So what exactly are the benefits of cassava for our health? Let's consider the following reviews.
Cassava is a shrub of the family Euphorbiaceae and has an important role as a source of staple food for most of the world population, particularly countries in the tropical region of South America, Africa, and Asia. More than two-thirds of the total production of the plant is used as food for humans.
Ingredients Are in Cassava
Cassava for health benefits can be traced from the nutrient content contained therein. Cassava plays an important role as a staple for high carbohydrate content. Cassava is also reported to contain several bioactive compounds. Bioactive compounds itself is a chemical compound that is believed to improve the health of the human body, in…

Benefits of Laughter Very Good For Heart Health, Mental And Physical

Laughter is believed to be a panacea to restore the spirit and makes a person more healthy. Benefits laugh so much, among others, were able to stabilize blood circulation and blood sugar, improve the immune system, relax the mind and relieve stress.
"Laugh before laughing is prohibited." Although this is just a phrase tickle of a movie, but did you know that when a person laughs, then she will undergo marked changes in body function merenggangnya the muscles of the face and body. Simultaneously the heart rate and blood pressure increases. Then, breathing faster and faster so that the supply of oxygen delivered to the tissues more.
Laughter Benefits for Heart Health, Mental and Physical Laughter was not the only activity is encouraging, but also healthy. Benefits laughed quality was quite spacious, namely to protect themselves from emotional problems caused by depression and long-term stress. Heart health is believed to be always awake when someone laughs. Experts believe that…

Acne skin, content of thymol and Terpineol (Thymo-T Essence) solution

Acne is the most common skin problem faced by many people. It is important to keep in mind, you have to choose care products that contain active ingredients that can eliminate the cause of acne.
Acne occurs when skin is oily, dead skin cells, dirt or bacteria clog your pores. Acne can appear on areas of the face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders.
There are several factors that cause the appearance of acne such as hormonal changes due to puberty or pregnancy, certain drugs such as birth control pills or corticosteroids, diet, and transcription factors.
Here is a basic technique acne skin care to reduce the appearance of acne and prevent irritation:
Clean Your Face Twice a Day
It is advisable to regularly clean your face at least twice a day, in the morning after waking and at night before bed. If you work outdoors or sweating, it is advisable to immediately wash or clean the face as soon as possible, because sweat can make your acne worse.
Mechanical Cleaning Your Face Right
Remove a lit…
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