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People Can Die Of A Broken Heart

The death of a loved one can trigger atrial fibrillation (AF), or irregular heartbeat, can be potentially life-threatening, according to a recent study.
Researchers from the University of Denmark released data very surprising based on their study of 88 162 patients diagnosed with AF in 1995 and 2014 and the risk of heart beat (palpitations). Among the patients, 17 478 people have lost their significant others.
Risks that are generally peak during the "8-14 days after losing people in love, then gradually decline," A study published in the online journal Open Heart.
"One year after the loss, the risk was almost the same as in the non-bereaved population," the study added.
Based on their findings, the researchers further observe the phenomenon of people died soon after the death of their spouses. The grieving couple has a higher risk of dying, especially heart disease and stroke, the study revealed.
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Husbands Play Key Role In Breastfeeding: Expert

An expert has said that husbands play a pivotal role in their wives’ ability to produce breast milk after childbirth.
“A husband should make his wife feel comfortable and relaxed during breastfeeding, because stress will lead to breastfeeding problems, hampering the production and flow of his wife’s breast milk,” Indonesian Lactation Center chairwoman Utami Roesli said on Saturday.
She added that husbands could do simple things to help their wives relax, such as helping to bath the baby or changing its diapers. Taking care of the baby was not the sole responsibility of the mother, she went on.

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Utami noted that babies should be exclusively breastfed up to the age of six months and that breastfeeding could continue until the baby was two years of age.
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Mother-Infant Interaction Smoothens Breastfeeding

Skin-to-skin contact between a mother and her newborn baby minutes after birth helps to stimulate the release of breast milk and will eventually lead to successful exclusive breastfeeding, according to an expert.
“Such interaction should happen within one hour after the baby is born. That will help the mother’s breast milk flow smoothly,” the Health Ministry’s public nutrition director, Doddy Izwardy, said Saturday.
Some mothers faced difficulties in the early initiation of breastfeeding, with their breast milk not flowing after giving birth, he explained, adding that early skin-to-skin contact could prevent this problems.

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Doddy said husbands and families should encourage new mothers, especially working mothers, to exclusively breastfeed their babies for at least six months rather than feed them instant formula.
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